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We service any and all bikes... No bike too old and rusty, no bike too new and tricky.
Bring your bike in for an estimate on repairs or advice.


Starting at $55 bucks, we basically go through and check out your bicycle. Inspecting and adjusting your bicycle will keep you safe and help get the most out of your investment. If your bicycle doesn't seem so happy anymore give it a tune-up and it'll probably make you happier too.


Starting at $75 bucks we go through everything and more. This is when we get down and dirty with your bicycle. If you haven't had your bicycle to the shop for a while, this is when we go beyond a basic tune-up. If your drive-train needs a good cleaning or your hubs are feeling gritty get them back in shape before its to late. Keeping all the crucial systems in good working order will make riding more enjoyable and help your bicycle last.


Starting at $120. No holds barred we strip your bicycle down to the core and service everything. We clean, inspect and service your entire bicycle. Drive-train goes in the ultrasonic cleaner. All bearings are opened, cleaned, re-greased and re-adjusted. The bottom bracket, headset (not the cups) , and seat-post all come out of the bike. The frame is cleaned and inspected for any damage. Cables and housing are typically replaced just to get your bike looking and riding like new. Every good bike deserves getting freshened up from time to time. Its time make an appointment now.